WDA Global Longevity Council

Vision & Purpose of the Global Longevity Council

The Council has a global view on demography and related other megatrends with a time horizon until 2050:

  • To guide business, society and policy makers successfully through on-going population dynamics, longevity and interdependencies with other global megatrends.
  • To identify new ways of doing business and thus capture untapped opportunities in a world of demographic change.
  • To serve as a global discussion platform for strategy and planning efforts guided by demography.

WDA Global Longevity Council

WDA Global Longevity - Flyer

WDA Global Longevity - Agenda 21

Key Literature on Ageing & Longevity

World Population Ageing 2019 - Highlights
United Nations - Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Years of good life is a well-being indicator designed to serve research on sustainability
Wolfgang Lutz, Erich Striessnig, Anna Dimitrova, Simone Ghislandi, Anastasia Lijadi, Claudia Reiter, Sonja Spitzer and Dilek Yildiz