Africa: Failure is not an Option

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Enterpreneurship in Ethiopia

Drivers of Ethiopia's Changing Demography and its Implications

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Failure is not an Option - How can Africa profit from its «Demographic Dividend»?

Springer is publishing the book «Africa's Population: In Search of a Demographic Dividend». The editors, Hans Groth from the World Demographic & Ageing Forum in St. Gallen and John F. May from the Population Reference Bureau in Washington, D.C., intend to initiate crucial discussion on population development in Africa. The opportunities and risks of the enormous population growth in the upcoming decades, as well as concerete suggestions on how Africa can best use its changed population structure in order to achieve the so-called "demographic dividend" – those are the main thematic points of this book.


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«Policies Needed to Capture a Demographie Dividend in Sub-Saharan Africa»
March 2019, Hans Groth, John F. May, Vincent Turbat, Canadian Studies in Population
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German Language Text -  «Wir haben den reichsten Kontinent der Welt»
Januar 2019, Interviews enorm_Magazin
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German Language Text - «Afrika wirtschaftlicher Boom oder Absturz?»
5. Oktober 2017, «NZZ Global Risk»
David Signer, NZZ Korrespondenz aus Dakar

Szenario 1: Wahrscheinlichkeit - Wirtschaftlicher Absturz
Szenario 2: Wahrscheinlichkeit - Wirtschaftlicher Boom
Szenario 3: Wahrscheinlichkeit - Langsame Fortschritte

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«Africa's Population: Failure Is Not an Option»
22. August 2017, Diplomatic courier Media Network, Thomas Cueni
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German Language Text - «Hohes Bevölkerungswachstum - Afrika steht vor einem Übergang»
27. Juni 2017, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, «Reflexe»
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German Language Text - «Scheitern ist keine Option»
24. Juli 2017, Thomas Cueni, Basler Zeitung, «Agenda»
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Failure is not an Option - How Africa can capture its Demographic Dividend, and why is this so important?

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French Language Text - Communiqué de presse français
L’échec n’est pas une option – Comment l’Afrique peut-elle capturer son dividende démographique et pourquoi est-ce si important ?

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Canadian Studies in Population
Policies Needed to Capture a Demographic Dividend in Sub-Saharan Africa
Hans Groth, John F. May, Vincent Turbat

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