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WDA Discussion Paper # 03/2020

«The Power in Demography»
Unlocking the Value of Health

Patrick Friedli, Lucas Binggeli, Pol Vandenbroucke and Hans Groth
Foreword: Thomas Zeltner

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WDA Discussion Paper # 03/2020 / Newsletter

«The Power in Demography - Unlocking the Value of Health»

Longevity is one of the greatest achievements in human history. The reasons for ever longer life spans are multiple, with public health, healthcare and continuous improvements in medical treatments being key drivers for this success story in the past, present and future. But it is not just about treatment provision – at least as important is broad access to preventive care and healthy living conditions across all parts of society in developed, emerging and developing countries.

In the WDA Discussion Paper #3, longevity dynamics of 18 selected countries representing 57% of the world population and almost 70% of the global GDP in 2020 were analyzed. By using the novel “Demographic Heat Map” approach a new understanding of the human longevity evolution over the past decades could be generated. This novel strategic tool helps policy makers, industries and businesses in their efforts to add value for a longer and better life – based on longevity-shaped population dynamics.

Learn more about Demographic Heat Maps and the Value of Health!

Key Insights:

      The proportion of the world population aged 65+ will nearly double in the coming 30 years, from 9% in 2020 to 16% in 2050. By 2100 the proportion aged over 65 will increase to 23%. The world will then have the same age structure already seen in Japan in 2012.

      In the past decades life expectancy at birth (LE) has grown faster than healthy life expectancy at birth (HALE).

      The ultimate goal is for healthy life expectancy to grow at a higher rate than overall life expectancy. Therefore, the focus of progress has to be on a further expansion of active lives by reducing the burden of disease, including communicable and non-communicable morbidities. Besides innovations from pharmaceutical research, digital technology such as big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning represent unprecedented potential.

      In developed countries the main target for the health industry are the growing 60+ age groups, who aim to live longer in good health and have the financial resources to spend more on personal health.

      In developing countries, the industry’s focus should be on growing populations - particularly working-age populations.

WDA Discussion Paper # 03/2020 - Foreword

Nicholas N. Eberstadt,
Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy,
American Enterprise Institute, Washington D.C.

"Great Escape" - The wold's population is over four times larger today than a century ago!

Demographics is central to the "Great Escape", and demography is a discipline that can help abet it. The WDA's Paper "The Power of Demography" is an exemplary illustration of how careful thinking, aided by useful new analytical tools such as "Demographic Heat Maps", can contribute to just such a process.

This valuable paper introduces a new pathway for explorations by both researchers and practitioners. There is great promise to this investigation - and the questions this paper raises are just a beginning!

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WDA Discussion Paper # 03/2020 - Foreword

Professor Thomas Zeltner,
Visiting Scientist, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA

"The history of humanity is also the history of constant demographic transformation!"

The tool of "Demographic Heat Maps" presented in WDA's Paper "The Power of Demography" adds a new promising instrument for policy makers and business leaders to better understand each local situation and to bring added value to the life of local communities.

Preamble of the Swiss Constituion - the strength of a population is measured by the well-being of its weakest members!

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WDA Position Paper # 02/2020

«Unlocking a Demographic Dividend in Ethiopia»
How Entrepreneurship Can Help Drive Job Creation

Hans Groth, Vincent Barras and Ziqian Feng

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WDA Position Paper # 02/2020 - Newsletter

«Africa’s Development – Take Entrepreneurship Seriously!»

The WDA Position Paper # 02/2020

«Unlocking a Demographic Dividend in Ethiopia: How Entrepreneurship Can Help Drive Job Creation» provides important food for thought and gives hope for urgently needed development and wealth creation for Africans.

Ethiopia – Africa's second largest country by population - is in a challenging situation: on the one hand, with an annual gross national income of around USD 922 per capita, it is one of the poorest countries in the world, which is exacerbated by a population growth rate of 2.4% (2018). On the other hand, its economy is growing solidly (7.7% in 2019) and the government has set up numerous programs to maintain this momentum. One focus is on the privatization and industrialization of its economy. Whether this will succeed will also depend on the extent to which local entrepreneurship can be developed. This development opportunity depends on three factors in particular: (1) development and support of entrepreneurial mindsets in education and the media, (2) supportive state framework conditions for founders (little bureaucracy, start-up centers, digitalization etc.) and (3) expansion of the market for risk capital, also with foreign investors.

In addition, demography offers another unique window of opportunity. A very large part of the population will be of working age, and the ageing of society with its difficult consequences will not yet have begun. To seize the opportunity, millions will have to find work. The key to this is a lively entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial action. Entrepreneurs are looking for needs that they can meet with products and services and thus create prosperity for society.  The public sector will be crucial in ensuring that the right framework conditions are in place. 

«The paper provides a number of valuable suggestions for strengthening Ethiopian entrepreneurship.»

Dr. oec. publ. Martin Dahinden, Member of the WDA Board of Directors
Prof. em. Dr. Günter Mueller-Stewens, Memver of the WDA Forard of Directors

WDA Position Paper # 02/2020 - Preword

Ephrem T. Lemango, (MD, MA), Commissioner Job Creation Commission
Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

«Ethiopia has a window of opportunity to foster entrepreneurs' job creation opportunities if the country capitalizes on its demographic dividend - the youth bulge!»

«Unlocking the Demographic Dividend in Ethiopia: How entrepreneurship can help drive job creation»

Sustainable Jobs for All!

WDA Position Paper # 01/2020

«Altern verstehen – Langlebigkeit gestalten»

Unsere Lebenserwartung - eine lange Erfolgsgeschichte
Autoren: H. Groth, R. Rau, N. Rufer

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WDA Position Paper # 01/2020 - Infos

«Demography and the Coronavirus Pandemic»

Population Europe – Policy Brief – Issue No. 25/2020
Authors: Nicoletta Balboa, Ilya Kashnitsky, Alessia Melegaro, France Meslé, Melinda C. Mills, Helga A.G. de Valk, Daniela Vono de Vilhena

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WDA Position Paper # 01/2020 - Buchbestellung

«Morgen werden wir 100»
Wie unser langes Leben gelingt

Autoren: Lynda Gratton, Andrew Scott

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